What Tire Pressure is Too High?

The answer to this question depends on the type of vehicle you are driving. For most passenger cars, the recommended tire pressure is between 32 and 35 psi. If your tire pressure is significantly higher than this range, it could be cause for concern. High tire pressure can lead to a loss of control while … Read more

What Tire Pressure is Best for Speed?

The correct tire pressure for speed is dependent on the weight and drag of the vehicle. A heavier car with a smaller engine will require more pressure than a lighter car with a larger engine. The amount of air also depends on whether the tires are all-season, summer, or winter tires. Generally, the higher the … Read more

What Tire Pressure If Max is 50?

If the maximum tire pressure is 50, then the ideal tire pressure would be 45. This allows for a bit of wiggle room in case the tires get hot from driving and need to expand slightly. If the maximum tire pressure is 50 psi, then that is what you should inflate your tires to. Anything … Read more

What Psi is a Flat Tire?

A psi is a unit of measure for pressure. It stands for pounds per square inch. When applied to tires, it is a measure of how much air pressure is in the tire. A flat tire has very little or no air pressure in it. If you’ve ever wondered what psi is, or why it’s … Read more

What is the Best Tire Pressure for Suv?

The best tire pressure for an SUV typically falls between 26 and 35 PSI. Most manufacturers recommend 32 PSI for all-season tires. If you’re driving in particularly hot weather, you may want to inflate your tires to the maximum pressure rating to avoid a blowout. In cold weather, it’s best to err on the lower … Read more

What is the 4 Psi Rule?

The 4 Psi Rule is a guideline for sizing septic tanks. It states that the minimum volume of a septic tank should be at least four times the daily wastewater flow in order to properly treat sewage. This rule is based on the premise that sewage contains a significant amount of water that needs to … Read more

What is Normal Tyre Pressure?

Normal tyre pressure is the amount of air pressure required in a vehicle’s tyres to support the vehicle’s weight and provide proper traction. The proper tyre pressure for a particular vehicle can be found in its owner’s manual or on a decal affixed to the doorjamb, fuel door, or glove box. Under-inflated tyres can lead … Read more

What is 38 Psi Tire Pressure?

A 38 Psi tire pressure is considered to be a high-pressure tire. This type of tire is usually used on trucks and SUVs. The main benefit of having a high-pressure tire is that it can handle more weight and stress than a low-pressure tire. If you’re a driver, then you know that proper tire pressure … Read more