Top 10 Best Fuel Pump For 6.0 Powerstroke With Expert Recommendation

1. 904-419 Fuel Tank Pick-up Screen Sock Filter Fuel Pump Strainer Compatible with Ford E350 E450 F250 F350 F450 F550 6.0 7.3L V8 Powerstroke Diesel, Replace# E5TZ9J306BA 4C4Z9365BA Fuel Pump Strainer

  • 🚗 A faulty fuel pump strainer will result in impurities being retained in the fuel. These impurities will affect the fuel-air ratio during combustion, which will result in decreased engine efficiency. A clogged fuel pump strainer is many times the cause of premature fuel pump failure. As such, fuel pump strainers should be considered preventative maintenance and replaced between seasons or whenever the tank is flushed or removed.
  • 🚗 This Fuel Pump Strainer Kit Compatible with Ford 2003-2005 E-350 Club Wagon V8 6.0L 7.3L, 1990-1998 E-350 Econoline V8 7.3L, 1990-2002 E-350 Econoline Club Wagon V8 7.3L, 2006-2008 E-350 Super Duty V8 6.0L, 2003-2008 E-450 Super Duty V8 6.0L 7.3L, 2003 E-450 Super Duty Stripped Chassis V8 7.3L, 1996-1999 Econoline Super Duty V8 7.3L, 2000-2003 Excursion V8 7.3L.
  • 🚗 This Fuel Pump Strainer Kit Compatible with Ford 1990-1996 F-250 V8 7.3L, 1997 F-250 HD V8 7.3L, 1999-2003 2005-2007 F-250 Super Duty V8 6.0L 7.3L, 1990-1997 F-350 V8 7.3L, 1999-2003 2005-2007 F-350 Super Duty V8 6.0L 7.3L, 1999-2003 2005-2007 F-450 Super Duty V8 6.0L 7.3L, 1999-2003 2005-2007 F-550 Super Duty V8 6.0L 7.3L.
  • 🚗 This fuel pump strainers are direct replacements for the originals. They feature a built-in screen to keep fuel pump clean and debris-free. Cross Reference/Replacement Part Numbers for: 5.E5TZ9J306BA, 904-419, 4C4Z-9365-BA, 4C4Z9365AA, F75Z9417BB, F81Z9417AA, E5TZ-9J306-BA.
  • 🚗 The Fuel Pump Strainer is an essential part of the fuel delivery system. It covers the fuel pump intake and traps dirt particulates in its very fine mesh, effectively cleaning the fuel and preserving the life of the pump. Modern fuel pumps are built with very tight tolerances so to ensure quiet operation and pump service life, use Handor Strainer to ensure fuel cleanliness.

2. Beasteel PFB-101 Fuel Pump Assembly Replacement for Ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 6.0L V8 2003-2007, for Ford Excursion 2003-2005, Motorcraft Powerstroke Diesel Filter Assembly 6C3Z9G282C

  • Assembly part number: PFB-101, 6C3Z-9G282-C.
  • Compatible with: Diesel Pump replacement for F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 6.0L V8 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007, Excursion 6.0L V8 2003 2004 2005.
  • Assembly Contains: The Filter Assembly is combined with 6C3Z-9B249-A HFCM Fuel Manifold, SP114 Electric Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter element, Pump Filter Cap and Housing. Units come as complete assemblies for easier, faster installation.
  • Anodized black treatment of the housing, make it no longer easy to rust. The cap used aluminum instead of plastic, more durable.
  • Easy to install: Just use the mounting bolts on the housing then it can be installed to the specified position.
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific Fit

3. iFJF SP114 Electric Fuel Pump Replacement for F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 6.0L 2003-2007 Chevy Express/GMC Savana 2500 3500 6.6L V8 2006-2016 Diesel Engine 12635785 3C3Z9C407AA

  • Compatible with:Electric fuel pump for 6.0L E350 E450 2004-2010,Excursion 2003-2005,F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 2003-2007;Chevy Express/GMC Savana 2500 3500 2006-2016 6.6L.
  • Replaces part number:SP114,12635785,19121761,20983041,3C3Z9C407AA,3C3Z9C407AB,4C2Z9C407AA,4C2Z9G282AA,6C2Z9C407AA,6C2Z9G282AA,6C3Z9C407AA,6C3Z9G282AA,6C3Z9G282C,97360490,9C2Z9C407A,9C2Z9G282A,PFB101,PFB98.
  • Feature:Volt:12V DC Gerotor;Pressure range:87-130 Psi;Free flow rate:48-57.2 GPH.
  • Function:Pressize the diesel from fuel tank and distributes it to the fuel injection system.Engineered to stringent tolerances,100 performance tested.Provide increased durability and reduce heat equating for long-lasting service life.
  • Package includes:1 x electric fuel pump with gasket.

4. iFJF HFCM Fuel Pump Wiring Harness Replacement for 6.0L V8 2003-2007F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty Excursion 2003-2005 Powerstroke Diesel Engine Replaces 6C3Z-9F759-A

  • Fitment:Fuel Pump Wiring Harness for 6.0L V8 2003-2007 F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty,Excursion 2003-2005 Diesel Engine.
  • Replaces part number:6C3Z-9F759-A,6C3Z9F759A.
  • Function:New and aftermarket pumps are using an updated plug that is incompatible with the original wire harness on the earlier 6.0L Diesel. This update extension will enable you to plug your new pump into that original harness.
  • Location:Use the jumper harness when replacing the HFCM(Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module) Assembly located on the frame rail on 6.0L Powerstroke.
  • Package Includes:1 x Fuel Pump Wiring Harness.

5. 6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade – Fuel Regulator Kit – Compatible with Ford Trucks – Blue Spring Kit 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007-Replaces 3C3Z-9T517-AG, 3C3Z9T517AG

  • Increase fuel pressure for increased performance. This upgrade will increase the fuel pressure 10-15psi on your 6.0 powerstoke. Increases the life of fuel injectors too.
  • Easy To Install. The 6.0 blue spring kit includes all the gaskets, seals, bolts, spring, and regulator housing needed for installation. This fuel regulator kit includes a detailed installation video (link included in packaging) with step by step instructions for the blue spring upgrade.
  • Compatible with Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Trucks – F250, F350, F450, F550 model years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Equivalent to factory part 3C3Z-9T517-AG Perfect for stock or modified trucks. The 6.0 Blue Spring Kit is a common upgrade because it increases injector life, increases drive-ability, and gives smoother power delivery.
  • Complete kit with everything needed for installation on your 6.0 Powerstroke: blue spring upgrade, 4 rubber o-ring seals, 3 orifice seals, 4 screws, fuel pressure regulator housing

6. iFJF PFB-101 HFCM Fuel Pump and Filter Assembly Replacement for F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 6.0L V8 2003-2007 Excursion 2003-2005 Powerstroke Diesel Engine 6C3Z-9G282-C 6C3Z9F759A

  • Fitment:Fuel Pump Assembly for F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 6.0L V8 2003-2007,for Ford Excursion 6.0L V8 2003-2005.
  • Replaces part number:PFB-101,PFB93,6C3Z-9G282-C,6C3Z-9C407-AA,6C3Z9G282AA,3C349C407AA,3C3Z9C407AB,6C3Z9F759A.
  • Product contains:The Assembly is combined with 6C3Z-9B249-A HFCM Fuel Manifold,SP114 Electric Fuel Pump,Filter element and Housing.
  • Easy to install:Just use the mounting bolts on the housing then it can be installed to the specified position.
  • Long lasting:Except the filter element needs to be replaced regularly.The cap used aluminum instead of plastic,more durable.Anodized black treatment of the housing,make it no longer easy to rust.

7. Motorcraft – Pump Assy – Fuel (P) (PFB101)

  • Package Dimensions: 30.48 H x 13.716 L x 19.558 W (centimeters)
  • Fits multiple makes and models (contact seller with your vehicle for fitment compatibility information)
  • Part number: PFB-101
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

8. Ford Genuine 6C3Z-9G282-C Fuel Pump Assembly

  • Genuine OEM Part
  • Package Dimensions: 29.718 L x 14.478 H x 19.812 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Country of Origin : China

9. Muzzys HFCM Fuel Pump UPDATED Wire Harness Assembly Fits 2003-2007 F-250 F-350 Ford Super Duty 6.0L Powerstroke 6C3Z-9F759-A Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module NEW STYLE

  • Brand New Jumper Wire Wiring Harness For The HFCM Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module
  • Fits 2003-2007 Ford or International Trucks With 6.0L Diesel Engine, Commonly Needed When Replacing The Engine Intake Manifold Or HFCM
  • Commonly Needed When Replacing The Engine Intake Manifold Or HFCM. This harness plugs into the main engine harness and the HFCM on the frame rail.
  • A Worn Out HFCM Fuel Pump Conditioning Module Can Cause Excessive Heat & Damage Requiring Replacement The Wiring Harness
  • Trucks built prior to 9/15/2003 may have three (3) plug connections and will require this wiring harness for installation if replacing the fuel conditioning module (HFCM).

10. A-Premium Fuel Pump Compatible with Ford E-350 E-450 Super Duty 2004-2010 F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 Super Duty 2003-2007 Excursion 6.0L Diesel

  • 【Vehicle Fitment】Compatible with Ford E-350 Club Wagon 2004-2005, E-350 Super Duty/E-450 Super Duty 2004-2010 V8 6.0L, Excursion 2003-2005, F-250 Super Duty/F-350 Super Duty 2003-2007 V8 6.0L, F-450 Super Duty/F-550 Super Duty 2003-2007 V8 6.0L
  • 【Reference Number】: E2340, E2340, SP114, P76115M, FL0268-11B1, PFB101, PFB93, HP10121, P76115M, SP114
  • 【Package included:】This complete Electric Fuel Pump Kit contains Frame Mouted Pump Only, direct replacement for original fuel pump.
  • 【Advantage】: High performance Fuel Pump Core Strict selection of high performance complete car pump core to ensure oil supply stability.
  • 【Buy with Confidence】: 1 Year Unlimited-mileage Quality Guarantee—We extremely value your satisfaction and strive to provide you good shopping exprience. Any further question, please feel free to contact us at any time

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