Top 10 Best Lily Bulbs Reviews With Scores

1. 25~Tiger Lilies~ DayLillies – Orange Plant Bare Roots with bulbs!!!

2. Asiatic Lily Mix | 8 Pack of Asiatic Lily Mix Bulbs | Perennial Lily Flower Bulbs

3. Van Zyverden Tulips Little Beauty Set of 12 Bulbs

  • Three to four flowers per bulb/Lots of pop for little money/Ideal as a garden accent
  • Tulips are the indispensable blooms of the spring garden, as they bring it to life!
  • Bulb Size: 6 cm/+/Exposure: Full sun to partial shade/Blooms: Early Spring/Plant Time: Fall
  • Grows 10″ tall/Plant 4-8″ apart, 7-8″ deep/Hardy in USDA zones 3-7
  • 48 contiguous US states, plus the District of Columbia

4. Van Zyverden Calla aethiopica Set of 5 Bulbs

  • 3′ tall, 2′ wide plant with huge 10′ flowers/Can be used as a water plant, or in the rain garden./Winter hardy to USDA zone 8
  • Commonly commercially grown as a very popular cut flower and one of the world’s most iconic and widely known plants
  • Bulb Size: 18/+/Exposure: Full sun to partial shade/Blooms: Spring/Plant Time: Fall
  • Grows 24-36″ tall/Plant 12-24″ apart, 4″ deep/Hardy in USDA zones 8-11
  • 48 contiguous US states, plus the District of Columbia

5. Asiatic Lily Bulbs ROSELLA’S Dream Lily Bulbs for Planting – 5 Large Bulbs

  • This is for 5 LARGE BULBs
  • Easy to Grow
  • VERY NICE BULB for your garden

6. (3) Fragrant & Beautiful Flowering Stargazer Oriental Lily Bulbs, SeedsBulbsPlants&More

  • Enjoy this Fragrant and Beautiful Flowering Lily that will add Beauty to your Garden or your Cut Flower Arrangements

7. ALWAYS FOREVER 500 Lily of The Valley Convallaria majalis Bulbs

  • Bulbs are shipped dormant and can take anywhere from 1 month to the next growing season to sprout.

8. Heirloom Red Spider Lily (Lycoris Radiata) Bulbs, Fall Blooming Perennial, Perfect for Southern Climates, Pack of 10 Bulbs

  • TEXAS GROWN SPIDER LILY BULBS are perfect for southern United States climates and have been raised locally in Texas, ready to be transplanted into your garden where they’ll sprout red flowers that burst open like a firework on 1-2 foot stalks
  • PLANT THE RED SPIDER LILY SPRING THROUGH FALL to have your breath taken away by its sudden fall blooms that are vibrant red and softball sized, after it lies dormant through the hot summer months
  • ALSO KNOWN AS THE HURRICANE LILY OR SURPRISE LILY, the Lycoris radiata gets its name from the coral-red flowers that appear after the first heavy rain in the fall and have long stamens resembling spider legs
  • FOLIAGE NEEDS A HALF DAY OF WINTER SUN to thrive and soak up plenty of sun energy and your Red Spider Lily bulbs should be planted at a depth about three times the height of the bulb
  • THE RED SPIDER LILY GROWS WELL IN ZONES 7-10 and is a hardy perennial that is drought and heat resistant, often lasting decades and they multiply with new bulb offsets quite readily, so your 10 bulbs will turn into many over the years
  • THE RED SPIDER LILY BLOOMS IN THE FALL usually in September or October. Perennial bulbs often don’t bloom the first year, but after that they will bloom every year.

9. Complete Spring Flower Bulb Garden – 50 bulbs for 50 Days of Continuous Blooms (Spring Color from March through June) – Easy to Grow Fall Planting Bulbs by Willard & May

  • Bloom Time: Early to Mid Spring / Light Requirements: Full Sun/Partial Shade
  • Fill your garden with an immense burst of spring color from March through Early June! Are you new to bulb gardening looking to just get your hands dirty? This is the collection for you.
  • Included in this Package: 10 Mixed Tulips, 10 Yellow Daffodils, 10 Blue Dutch Iris, 10 Blue Muscari, 10 Mixed Crocus (50 Total Bulbs).
  • Hardiness Zones: 3-8 / Planting Time: Fall / Cutflower:Yes / Naturalizing: Yes

10. Willard & May Mixed Color Hyacinth Bulbs – 12 Bulbs – Fragrant Hyacinths

  • Fragrant Hyacinth Mix 12 bulbs/Pack
  • Perennial in Zones 4 – 8
  • Size 15/16 cm
  • This item will Bloom/Grow Mid Spring
  • Hyacinth orientalis

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