Top 10 Best Msd Ignition Box Reviews With Scores

1. MSD Ignition 6201 6 Amp Ignition Control Box , Red

  • Higher output with 530 primary volts and 135mj of spark energy
  • Efficient components use less current to produce more power
  • Same bolt pattern as the original 6AL with a lower profile housing
  • Built-in LED for system checks
  • All wires exit the same side through a locked, sealed connector

2. MSD 6520 Digital 6-Plus Ignition Control Box

  • Switch between two rev limits that adjust with rotary switches in 100 RPM increments
  • Single stage retard for nitrous and top end performance
  • Start retard eases pressure on the starter, flywheel and engine
  • Adjustable magnetic pickup compensation produces accurate trigger signals
  • LED display warns of trigger signal problems or faulty charging system

3. MSD Ignition 6425 6AL Ignition Control Box , Red

  • With soft touch rev control
  • Higher output with 530 primary volts and 135mj of spark energy
  • Efficient components use less current to produce more power
  • Set an RPM limit on the 6AL with two rotary dials
  • Same bolt pattern as the original 6AL with a lower profile housing

4. MSD 6014 Ignition Controller

  • Ignition control timing/rev LS series


  • Brand New MSD Digital 6AL Ignition Control Box with Built-In Rev Limiter, 520-540 Volts, Compatible with 4,6 & 8 Cylinder Engines, Produced by Holley Performance Products (Part #6425)
  • The MSD 6AL Ignition Control set the standards that other ignitions strive to reach. In fact, you will find ignitions from other companies that carry the 6AL name (and in some cases, the same part number). MSD raised the bar even higher with the revised Digital 6AL Ignition Control!
  • The wiring of the Digital 6AL is routed out one end of the unit through a sealed and locking connector. This eases installation and keeps your wiring looking neat and clean. The rev limiter of the 6AL is located right on top of the housing for easy access to the 2 rotary dials to set the limit in 100 RPM increments.
  • Inside the Digital 6AL you will find a microprocessor that monitors and controls every firing & rev limit. The circuits are updated with efficient components that help the ignition produce more power while drawing less current! In fact, the Digital 6AL delivers over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mJ of spark energy for every firing! Increased output combined with MSD proven multiple spark series is a win-win situation!
  • The Digital 6AL is supplied with the wiring harness and the components needed for installation. The 6AL is also supplied with vibration mounts. Both ignitions are compatible on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt, negative ground electrical systems. They will accept trigger inputs from breaker points, amplifiers & magnetic pickups.

6. MSD 5520 Street Fire Ignition Control Box , Black

  • This ignition uses capacitive discharge technology
  • Multiple sparks improve starting and idle
  • Full power output at high RPM
  • This unit connects to points, amplifiers and magnetic pickup distributors
  • Adjustable rev limiter for overrev protection

7. MSD 6462 6-BTM Ignition Control Box

  • Multiple spark, capacitive discharge ignition control
  • Ability to retard the ignition timing from 1 degree to 3 degrees per pound of boost with the click of a dial, maximum of 15 degrees, with dash mounted adjustable control knob
  • Unit carries multiple sparks for 20 DegreeĀ of crankshaft rotation and works on 12 to 18 Volt electrical system
  • Accepts breaker points, amplifier and magnetic pickup trigger inputs
  • Built-in soft touch rev control is adjustable with RPM modules

8. MSD Ignition 60143 Controller; LS Ignition; for Both 24x and 58x Crank Trigger Engines; Black;

  • Ignition control timing/rev LS Black

9. MSD 64253 Digital Ignition

  • BLK MSD-6AL Digital Ignition with rev Cont
  • Package Dimensions: 9.14 L x 26.67 H x 19.3 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight : 3.5 pounds
  • Made in United States

10. MSD 85551K Ignition Kit Includes Distributor 6AL Ignition Box Blaster 2 Coil

  • Coil BracketRed MSD 6 AL Digital Ignition BoxSuperconductor 8.5 Spark Plug Wires

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